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You Useless Bunch of Idiots

I’m writing a lot of letters lately it seems. This one is to my local police force. It’s what I desperately wish I could send in reality, but can’t because my punishment for getting more defiant, more awkward, and giving them more attitude to try and make them leave is what I’m about to write about…

To the Police,

I am currently being cuckooed by a well known, extremely violent gang of local drug dealers.

I suffer with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorderder and Major Depressive Disorder. I am listed as a vulnerable adult, on the severe mental illness register, and addicted to drugs solely for self medication purposes in an effort to maintain a state of total emotional and psychological numbness.

I have no means of support from friends or family because to put it simply; I have none.

This gang of violent drug dealers took over my home on 26th February. Over six months ago. They achieved this by using manipulation, force and taking away the right I have to make my own choices, my own decisions, and refused to respect my wishes; I did not want them in my home let alone drug dealing from my home.

I researched this topic when I realised what was happening and would like to firmly establish some things I read which are different in these circumstances.

I have never permitted this gang to use my home to commit their crimes from. Never have I willingly or voluntarily been complicit with their actions. I do not, and have never received payment in exchange for anything. I have so far submitted 4 ‘give information’ forms online through Crimestoppers, contacted the local Victim and Witness Support Hub twice via email asking for advice and providing the link to this blog, and sent identical copies of the emails to Victim Support in desperate attempts to reach out for help from you. To this day I have never received any sort of response or requests for further communication.

I have now been violated, imprisoned, trapped, abused, and fully taken advantage of for over 6 months straight. My immune system has collapsed, I have been outdoors in this period a total of 4 times, my benefits have been stopped, as have all my psychotropic medication which stabilise my mental health problems, I have been set up by this gang to implicate me in their crimes and have the consequences fall squarely on my shoulders. I have lost over 3 stone in weight. Im physically and mentally abused, tortured and threatened on a daily basis.

Yet nobody has come to my aid.

So if you won’t help me, I beg you to help the 14 year old runner they are using sat in my living room now who is not doing anything voluntarily. He is like me, trapped. Just trapped as a runner rather than trapped in his home. After he was situated in my home this morning by the boss, we both sobbed. We have cried all day knowing our predicament is impossible, and all the more so when nobody knows about it.

I am truly shocked at the tactics the gang use to get what they want and avoid punishment.

This is my punishment. I am now implicated in the crimes committed by a violent drug gang who have gone to great lengths to ensure the blame lands on me. The more defiant I become, the more extreme I am implicated and the worse the consequences are for me as a result of that.

I thought them using my phone to write and send texts to themselves to have definitive evidence that my part in this is voluntary to threaten me with was bad…

They have now dumped this 14 year old runner on me so I am implicated deeper and the consequences ten times more severe. Their threat is working. I am terrified.

Please I beg you, take this little boy out and safe. Fuck what will happen to me. Get him to safety.


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