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You are being exploited if...

  1. You are being promised things which never come true.

  2. Other people give you their word but you keep being let down.

  3. You are always doing favours for other people, but nobody will do you a favour in return.

  4. You are being asked to do something that the person asking will not do themselves- yet refuse to tell you the reason why.

  5. The situation you are in, doesn't feel quite right. You feel awkward, wary, doubtful or edgy. You may feel a heaviness on your shoulders or at the bottom of your stomach.

  6. You ask a straight question, but get an angry answer.

  7. Someone is trying really, really, hard to persuade you to do something that you know you shouldn't be doing.

  8. You have a job, go to work, but don't get paid.

  9. You are asked to admit to something that you haven't done.

  10. Any situation where you have to carry a weapon sell drugs or hide things- is a BAD SITUATION.

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