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What I knew Then vs What I know Now!

The aim of this post is to forewarn individuals who are naive, gullible and have no street savvy. Exactly like me two years ago.

My reasons for procrastinating for so long, was the humiliation I felt for being so ignorant about a subject which everybody should know inside out- the law…

I think back to my school days, and cannot comprehend why I sat through lessons learning about how to solve equations, memorising the periodic table, and being taught how to play netball.

It is illogical to me, that at a time in my life when I was facing the possibility of losing my freedom, I had no knowledge of the judicial system- yet could throw a ball through a hoop with ease.

It’s almost comical, that the day I was arrested for a crime I was a victim of- I could recite the periodic table forwards and backwards- yet had absolutely no knowledge of my rights whilst simultaneously watching my wrists being bound together with a pair of metal handcuffs.

It’s downright disgraceful, that as a result of learning how to solve (a+b)=3c-y; I wrongly convicted and slapped with a criminal record- because I hadn’t learned how best to defend myself.

My circumstances were a direct result of police corruption at it’s worst. It was a risky decision to overlook a vulnerable female to be held hostage for seven months by a gang of County Lines drug dealers. It was an even riskier decision to ignore the thirteen desperate attempts for help I managed to make, during that time.

Their strategy was a good one; I’ll give them that. Had I played ball and given them the information I had involuntarily soaked up over the course of those months. There would have been no doubt every gang member would have faced prosecution.

But the consequences of going against my morals, principles and beliefs. In addition to whether I could trust a police force with my life who had already spent seven months putting it in jeopardy- truly weren’t worth it.

Today Mr Boss man was prosecuted. His home was raided last summer and £19,000 worth of drugs were found including £80,000 worth of designer goods and cash. He got three years. He’ll serve 18 months.

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