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Ulterior Motive

Today the social services found out I’d been doing EVERYTHING for my friend she should be doing as a mum, but is too selfish, lazy and focused on drugs to do so.

The social services have branded me MORE of a danger to her kids and said she’s now banned from seeing me too because I am overly involved in her kids lives and they think I have an ulterior motive.

I cannot think of a single ulterior motive. She has no money so that’s out, I categorically do not want her two children for the rest of my life so that’s out, I am no kind of child groomer or kiddy fiddler so that ones out too…

I simply could not stand by and watch her children suffering. That’s it. Simple.

And you cannot tell me her children are not suffering when her son today sat down with the social services and asked to go into care himself.

So when her internet got cut off and she couldn’t pay the bill, so her son could not play his Xbox or chat to his mates online, I paid the bill so he didn’t end up cut off from his social life

When it got to September and she still had not applied for her child to attend school in reception, I did it so her child got an education.

When her daughter had no clothes to wear because they were all size 3 to 4 and she needed a 5 to 6 I bought the clothes. So she wouldn’t be uncomfortable anymore.

When she could not be bothered to switch and apply to universal credit so her benefits we’re going to get cut off, I had to do the process for her so that she could afford to carry on feeding her children.

When she had spent all her money this year on drugs, so on the children’s birthdays and christmases they weren’t going to get a present, I bought the presents or donated what I had that they wanted (when was a mobile phone another one was a tablet) so their birthdays and christmases were not ruined, they did not get hurt and let down.

When her son kept running away from home and walking the streets at night, yes I had to phone the police to report him missing because she was too busy doing drugs. Just like I’ve had to do so the past 4 nights.

When she asked me to take her son in while she went on holiday, I reluctantly agreed. When she came back and he wanted to carry on staying and she did not bother asking my permission yet alone bother to give him an answer as to whether he could or not; I let him stay because I thought that was better than him wondering the streets at night in a big city suicidal.

Her kids are both so behind at school because they have missed so many days because she has not bothered to take them in because she’s overslept, I’ve tutored them to get them back up to speed so that they have a chance for the future and don’t end up living in council houses around drug addicts committing crime and on benefits.

When I reported her to the social services finally, after a year of friendship- it was because I was doing everything I could and I could do no more and the children were still suffering.

Yet apparently I have an ulterior motive, apparently I have a weird obsession with her children, apparently I am a danger, apparently I am brainwashing her and she is under my thumb.

I thought if they knew the truth, they would see I was doing good. I was simply trying to help 2 suffering children. Not because I want them for myself or I want money or I am some weirdo. Just because it was heartbreaking to see so I tried to make it better for those kids.

I can’t understand who would stand back and watch 2 children suffer, and not do anything about it but watch?

I cannot understand why the social services are sat opposite her child who is pleading to be taken into care because he is so miserable and is stating his mum cannot cope with him and does not care about him, while she is giving positive drug tests every single week, why there have been 17 reports by people to the social since her kids were born and absolutely fuck all is being done.

Had I not stepped in and done the above this year, the person they think is a danger to the children, these would have been the consequences;

  1. Her son would have either committed suicide or been killed.

  2. Neither child would be attending school because one would be expelled and the other one wouldn’t have started reception in September.

  3. Both kids would be starving because she’d not be receiving any benefits.

  4. The whole family would have then ended up homeless.

  5. Neither kid would have any clothes or school uniform or shoes to wear.

  6. Both kids would be traumatised, miserable, neglected, suffering and at risk.


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