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I never realised the extent of police corruption in the UK, until they landed themselves in a situation where they tried to use me as their get out clause.

There are County Line gangs plaguing every city in the country, but in the city where I lived, there was one gang which the police had tried for 5 years- without success- to catch.

In February 2018, that gang forcefully took over my home to use it as their base to commit criminal activity from. Some 7 months later in September, I had exhausted every option trying to ask for help without the gang noticing. An almost impossible feat when you're being held hostage by a violent gang of twelve watching your every move.

I had submitted 13 desperate pleas for help. I tried Crimestoppers- no answer. Police webchat- got told to dial 101. Victim Support- they couldn't deal with the problem. The local Victim and Witness Hub- same answer. On and on it went. My body was all shades of purple, black and yellow from bruising. I had cigarette burns all over my arms and legs. Knife wounds over my torso. I had sleep deprivation, I was dehydrated, on the border of starvation, extremely malnourished. I had been gang raped. I was done.

I rang 999 and hysterically outlined the situation begging them for help.

I got none. Instead, they told me to hide in a cupboard if the gang members had knives, and ring the non emergency number. I had no idea, that I was being overlooked purposefully. I was being used as bait by the police. I was the tactic they had decided to use to catch the County Lines gang.

They knew I was being held hostage. They knew a vulnerable, single woman lived in the property. But that woman could be their sponge, soaking up 7 months worth of information about the gang, who would pass it over to the police willingly, allowing them to get their result and prosecute the gang members whilst simultaneously soaking up all the praise.

The second day I called 999 I demanded my property be raided. I BEGGED the police to execute a drugs warrant on my home. They did, finally. On September 26th. I nearly cried with relief...until handcuffs were snapped onto my wrists, and my broken, battered body was shoved into a police van and taken into custody.

22 hours later in an interview I was told in no uncertain terms to spill the tea. Erm...NO.

For the 12 consecutive months following, my home was raided another 13 times, I was arrested a further 11 times. I was offered money, protection, a new identity, a house, a car, whatever I wanted...if I'd just tell them EVERYTHING.

The police had never considered for one second that I had morals. They never considered for one second that had I been privy to their plan, I would have voluntarily participated with them for the sake of the general publics welfare.

Now I was pissed off, broken, homeless with a criminal record to boot. The police could do one. I went to the IOPCC and Professional Standards were HORRIFIED. I was immediately assigned my own investigator. 3 counts of neglect and welfare in duty were the only charges that stood; bearing in mind my unwillingness to grass on the gang members, lack of evidence and the elephant in the room- admittance by the police I was used to their advantage without my permission and the subsequent consequences- my immune system had collapsed. I was in total organ failure by that point from the stress.

Then out of the blue the investigation was dropped. The police had admitted the elephant in the room. And the IOPCC couldn't possibly admit that one of their local police constabulary's had used the most abhorrent, deplorable tactics to catch this County Lines gang.

The paperwork was all but blacked out and I was told to shut my mouth. The day I managed to redact the big blacked out parts on the paperwork and read what was written underneath, I suffered full respiratory failure and had a heart attack on my fiancé who was forced to resuscitate me.

A fortnight later, the familiar sounds of a battering ram coming through the front door woke me up. I had by this point moved to a different county. Between the two police constabulary's, they had teamed up, tracked me down, and had an offer to make...

It was now June of 2020. COVID had it's grip on the UK. The entire country was on full lock down. I was recovering from a stroke. The police offered to allow my fiancé and I to marry under extenuating circumstances. My now husband likes to think it was an apology. I know different. It was a not so subtle hint at telling me to continue keeping my mouth shut.

So in September 2020, I got married.

But I never broke my morals. I promised myself the minute I was strong enough, I would tell the whole story. I know the likely consequences. But my morals stand firm.

That is just one example of police corruption in the uk and it cost me my home, my family and my life. And I have the evidence to prove it. So don't push me.

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