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I decided to kill myself, I’d get someone to hit me up/shoot me up? What’s the phrase for injecting heroin?

Foolproof I thought! A big dose and I’m guaranteed heart failure.

Now I’m the most antisocial bitch going, yet my home turned into Clapham junction. I couldn’t get any time to myself with said person to kill myself.

At one point we thought we did and we got halfway through and then someone knocked on my door. It was fucking Amazon, and all that happened because I only got half a hit was I fell asleep for a couple of hours.

And then the chance came. And the fucking police turned up. Not just any old officer no- the entire team who came and raided my flat and arrested me.

What was I supposed to say?


They explained they had seen a black man come from my flat. Really? The entire team of police who I presume just focus on narcotics were there when I was just about to kill myself.

So they left and said person gave me a hit big enough to kill two elephants.

And what happened?

I didn’t die.

If there is a God I am asking you to give me a fucking break. That needle went directly into a vein, the heroin was real; quite strong actually. NOBODY would have survived that. Put it this way the person that did it for me got so freaked out I didn’t die, they looked at me in horror and legged it out the door.

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