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Troublemaker pt II

No matter how much I say "DON'T COME ROUND, FUCK OFF, DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU"- the message isn't getting through.

So what happens? He just lets himself in and strolls right through my front door!

So I take extra precautions to keep the front door locked at all times.

His next tactic? He brings round a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who barks relentlessly scratching at the door while the Troublemaker knocks and knocks until I open the door and speak to him...at which point he just barges straight past me and into my home.

If I ignore him, he gets people he knows to knock. I don't know who he's associated with, and I can't ignore every person who knocks because that's not realistic.

So I'm stuck with this little Troublemaker harassing me day after fucking day.

Ringing, texting, knocking, yelling through the window, loitering about outside, sending people he knows to knock on the door and loiter out the front.

I am <---> this close to calling old bill.

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