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So... there's this kid who lives 2 doors away from us, who we have bumped into repeatedly since moving in.

His older brother became pally with my husband, after finding out they both had an obsession with motorbikes!

We've not said more than a casual 'hello' up until this point. But made the decision 3 days ago to invite the older brother in for a coffee; so him and my husband could sit and talk bikes.

The kid ended up tagging along with his older brother, which wasn't the plan. We hadn't invited him. So when they left, we decided that no more future invites would be forthcoming- because frankly, this kid was an obvious troublemaker. A shame really, because the older brother was really nice and clicked immediately with my husband.

But 3 days later, we've been besieged by unannounced visits from this kid. The first time we heard a knock on the door, was 5 minutes after him and his older brother had left! We firmly told him that he was to stop turning up unexpectedly, that he was not, and would never be, invited to our home.

The kid acknowledged this and left. Yet no more than 10 minutes later, we found him loitering in our car park directly outside our home; whereby he remained for the whole afternoon.

The next morning, there was yet another knock on the door and we ignored it. But the knocking wouldn't stop. Eventually, we opened the door to find the kid stood there with his older brother asking to come in. You could see his brother was embarrassed, but it was obvious that this kid couldn't be controlled and would do exactly what he felt like..

This was an accurate assumption to make, because our demands that he not continue turning up unannounced and stop loitering in the car park, have quickly turned to begging and pleading with him to CUT IT OUT.

Nothing has changed though. The only difference is that now he's accompanied by his older brother, and the unexpected visits have lessened somewhat.

But this isn't good enough. This kid is a troublemaker, and I was involuntarily put in situations with enough young troublemaker's, after being held hostage by a gang of County Line drug dealers for 7 months. I'm pretty adept at the way they talk- I can identify what these kids are saying on the phone with their mates. I can spot the tell tale signs of a kid on the wrong path. Before I could do this, I simply Googled that kids name. Inevitably I'd find them registered on a missing persons website, find articles on the web about their involvement with criminal activity, sometimes their photo would be on social media with details of appearances at court.

I'm not classing myself as a professional shrink, but there has never been anything positive relating to a kid who I've had a suspicious gut feeling about.

So today, I Googled this kid. Low and behalf, he's just been released from YOI/prison for firearms charges. But worse, we suspect he's involved in a County Line working as a shotter.

What the hell do I do? Last time I reported my concerns about a youngster in the same circumstances; I was arrested, accused of child grooming, put under investigation by the police which resulted in a myriad of different false charges slapped on me.

I can SEE the outcome of this situation already;

  1. I voice my concerns and the same happens.

  2. I don't voice my concerns and the same happens.

I stand proud of the fact that though this was the outcome; I still reported my concerns every single time I suspected a youngster could be involved in something that would result in that kid being exploited.

But I do not have the physical or mental capability to go through all that shit again. I am not willing to be accused of being a child groomer/drug dealer/and heaven's knows what else.

This kid is also substantially older being in his 20's.

Yet I still can't shake off the feeling that his actions are going to pull me into a situation I don't want to be a part of, and could be potentially devastating.

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