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This Is a Joke

Where the fuck are the police? These cunts are STILL trapping from my yard after 4 anonymous tip offs to Crimestoppers, emailing the Victim and Witness Support Hub, AND emailing Victim Support -the national organisation.

The real kick in the teeth though is this…


Slap bang on the front of the Crimestoppers website! I was willing to forgive the total lack of response from anyone had I found out the ‘give information’ forms I’d been submitting online were a matter they didn’t/couldn’t deal with. Thus none of my desperate pleas for help were being passed onto the police.

But God Almighty, my local Victim Support hub which are a part OF my local constabulary have the link to this blog AND a follow up email (which in fairness was written slightly aggressively).

So yes. I still have these wankers dealing drugs from my home. Im becoming more and more beligerent with them every day. My pleas have turned into DEMANDS they leave. Multiple times a day. Via text and via me verbally screaming in their faces.

Thanks for the help police.

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