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They Are Back

Nope, not joking. The gang are back with a vengeance. Cash, drugs, knives and all.

I’m being harassed non stop. The door to my building and the front door of my flat are hanging off their hinges after the police got over enthusiastic with the battering ram. I don’t have the money to fix it, I’m a private tenant and I can’t exactly say to my landlord “please may you fix two doors because your flat was taken over by a gang of drug dealers and I was then raided less than a year into renting a property off you. Yes I know my neighbours want me to vanish from their lives and I know it says in my tenancy agreement that should a scenario like this occur; the result will be immediate eviction. But please don’t chuck me out. Even though I am about to be prosecuted for drug dealing and the gang aren’t”.

My point is because my doors aren’t secure, they just gave them a hefty push and bobs your uncle, they opened! In traipsed Mr Boss Man with two 15 year old runners in tow, and I’m back to square one.

Sat with £500 cash stuffed down my knickers while the police don’t give a shit. And when they can be arsed, decide to prosecute the victim instead of the criminal.

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