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Them vs Us

I was absolutely astounded to read a news article online just now about a copper who ran over a fleeing criminal not once, but twice…and was cleared in court!

The article went into extensive detail about what the video footage from the dash cam showed, and what was said between the two officers in the car at the time of the incident. What struck me most was the blatant intent behind the copper’s actions and the fact he was fully aware of what he was doing…BOTH times he ran over the fleeing criminal. Yet he was CLEARED in court!

I have a perfect example of Them vs Us.

About two years ago I crashed a car I was driving because a plastic carrier bag blew into the windscreen of the car, blinding my vision of the road temporarily. When the carrier bag blew off the windscreen and I regained my vision of the road I realised I had strayed slightly into the oncoming lane of traffic. As a result of the surge of panic which overwhelmed me when I couldn’t see the road for those few seconds, I over corrected my steering and bounced off the kerb on my side of the road. This sent the car spinning out of control and I subsequently had to be cut out of the wreckage.

However, the outcome of that plastic bag blowing into my windscreen was this:

  1. 7 points on my driving licence for driving carelessly without ‘due care and attention’

  2. An almighty fine from the DVLA

  3. A car written off beyond all recognition

  4. Some dude sueing me for over a thousand pounds for “psychological trauma” from seeing the accident happen first hand

  5. A long and boring drivers awareness course

  6. My insurance went through the roof so much so it’s now pointless for me to buy a car because I wouldn’t be able to afford to insure it.

Yet some fucking copper runs over a human being TWICE and is cleared of all and any charges.


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