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The Signs Nobody Spot

  1. That North Face tracksuit your teenager has been relentlessly pestering you about buying? That will stop when his new boss promises to buy it for him instead.

  2. Backchat, bravado, bullshit and cockiness are personality traits that will emerge. He's safe in the knowledge his new 'fam' have got his back.

  3. Working as a runner for a County Lines gang, believe it or not, involves a lot of running around! Weight loss goes hand in hand. Don't pass it off as a 'growth spurt'.

  4. It's not a foregone conclusion that your kid's school grades will drop. I have witnessed the opposite. A teenager so keen to prevent this happening; his grades shot up!

  5. The quality of Nike trainers are abysmal. So much so, that the wear and tear on the soles could literally give you the GPS coordinates of his movements. (We are resorting to drastic measures here).

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