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The Rise and Fall of a County Lines Boss

As a young military raised child I was very sheltered from the Life of crime until I came back to this country aged 11. I started to hang around with some old lads that were hanging about with my older brother and as I wanted to impress them I started to smoke the gate way drug cannabis this was my first taste of being chemically inconvenienced or in the normal world getting high.it was about six months in to the lifestyle I really need to find a way to pay for the weed I was consuming but I had no money to start up selling weed so me and one of my pals got wind of a guy who was growing a massive crop and with a 38 special and a 4/10 we set out to take what I thought was easy money but we never had a clue what was about to blow up in our faces I would have never put this 60 year old man in business with a well known Irish group that no one wanted to fuck in the ass without the courtesy of giving them a reach around. it was a few days later I got a call from my uncle in the green Island of Ireland a quick boat ride and I was on shankill road.o my god what have I done and before I could think I was in front of a real I.R.A gangster I had just pissed myself and this guy we will call paddy said it's your knees or you work it of. To be honest I was prepared to meet my maker but because of who my family is over there I was given a chance to prove my worth And that was two years of experience that you can never get anywhere but in the hands of the IRA. and so my career as a drug dealer started and I was shown the ropes by the best.all the skills I picked up could not prepare me for the future of the drug dealer lifestyle I'm going to skip forward a few years. I was in Liverpool with my mate rok and his little brother Tristan in my new lancer delter rok and tris in the front and me in the back behind the driver seat when I saw a young lad pull up to the car on a push bike and then in slow motion he pulled out a shot gun and let off two shells in to Tristan's head I saw the back of my mates head open up and blood brains and skull was spraying over my face and body I pushed past rok and let of a couple of rounds at the lad but he was out of there so fast. I saw all the people looking at me with a gun in my hand and a rucksack full of class A drugs in the other I ran for my life.locked myself in the hotel room and waited for the police to come for me after a few hours I worked up the courage to get out and make my way back home. Fuck me I just witnessed the murder of my best friends little brother shot in the head and what for just £25000 of crack and smack. so fucked up but that's the life I chose to live.i never went back to Liverpool but ROK he did and hunted down the guys who set us up and now he's doing a double life sentence . And for me I was back in a place I felt safe cos the revenge for the two guys back in Liverpool was at the front of my mind. day after day thinking that someone was just round the corner.and after a while everything went back to normal and I was back in the game I just threw myself into the murky waters of class A drugs and the fast cash flowed it would take me a few years to climb up the ladder to the top and got the name of county line boss. I had made it but the next bad experience was just a few months I was in the b.p garage on Brixton high street I had just reloaded stopped to grab me a little food and sat chilling with my girl and a young lad pulled up on a push bike pulled out a .22 calaber gun and put two in the driver window they struck me one in the leg and one in the wrist. Fuck me what is it with me and silly cunts with guns.and that was the point when I had to make a choice between the criminal world or going all legal I kept at it until I was knicked in 2019 and got sentenced to a five year jail sentence for two counts possession with intent 1 count off supply to undercover police. category 1 lead role County line the judge said them famous three words TAKE HIM DOWN and that was it for my drugs empire. And for how I am doing now I run a business that I own . I am happily married and living the normal lifestyle and in the meantime I'm trying to help the children that are exploited in the county Lines like I was running just a little thing to try and redeem myself nothing else to say ITS NEVER LIVING THE DREAM MORE LIKE WAITING FOR YOUR TIME TO GO DOWN ONE OFF TWO WAYS

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