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The Icing On The Cake

I think I’ve already explained this in one of my previous blog posts, but if you haven’t read it then what I’m about to write will make me seem like an obsessive weirdo; similar to a train spotter with no life.

So after the gang took over my home, and I’d submitted my first ‘give information’ form to Crimestoppers- I became fixated with keeping up to date with every available local news source I could find online. Like the local newspaper, the news and appeals section on the local police forces website etc.

I lived in the hope that one day I’d read something which would give me confirmation the police had received my pleas for help; like a secret message only I’d be able to understand. Which sounds ridiculous now, but at the time I was beyond desperate and trying to understand why it was month 5 and I’d submitted 5 reports to Crimestoppers- yet I was still trapped. I’d also try and guage the likelihood of whether my hellish situation would ever end, by searching for articles about drug raids or arrests, and their proximity to the location of my home. I figured the closer the incident- the higher chance of help. What a fucked up thought process I know.

Anyway, I’m STILL obsessed with the local news. This time, living in the hope I’ll come across an article stating Mr Boss Man and co have been arrested.

However, today I came across something which stunned me into silence.

The police officer who arrested the victim instead of the perpetrator, has won employee of the month!

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