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The Fear Tactic

The approach taken to prevent more teenagers being exploited by County Line gangs, is to instil fear into their minds by telling them about all the awful things that will happen to them.

Yet I saw first hand, the lure and attraction for why teenagers are so keen to get involved in County Lines. I'm hoping, that by the end of this post, you'll understand why 'the fear tactic' needs to be dropped. It's not working, and this is why...

As adults, what do we aspire to? I hate to say it, but our aspirations as adults, are identical to those of a young teenager. The only difference is adults have the means to fulfil their aspirations. Whereas teenagers don't, and shouldn't be expected to.

The problem is, it's human nature to want bigger, better, MORE. In 50 years time, I bet the words 'satisfaction' and 'contentment', won't be included in the English Dictionary. Why? Because society has now evolved past the point of feeling that something is satisfactory.

Children are having to grow up faster. The ever increasing pressure and expectation, is fast falling on younger members of society. There are more and more cases of the eldest sibling in a broken family having to shoulder the burden, take on the responsibility of being head of the household. Yet the eldest sibling more often than not, is still a teenager.

If every County Line was a legitimate business, don't tell me you'd turn down the opportunity of a huge salary, the possibility of having the best reputation out of all your colleagues, a job which demands untold respect, and the knowledge that you could be moving from a 2 bedroom terraced house into a 6 bedroom mansion within the year?

Now do you understand why the fear tactic is never going to work. Now do you GET IT?

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