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The Definition of Irony

I totally fucked myself up the arse by being such a smug tosser in my last post. To be honest, when I re-read it, I realised I deserved it.

To cut a long story short, our home got raided, a large quantity of drugs and cash were found. Unbeknownst to us, stashed in my fiance’s bag by a 20 something kid we’d allowed to stay for the night- because we were too soft to envision him sleeping on the streets currently riddled with the coronavirus. We were arrested and subsequently kicked out of our new home.

We have two weeks to pack up an apartment furnished to the hilt with all the items I have spent the past month buying. Rugs, curtains, a corner sofa, bed, light fixtures, chests of drawers, a coffee table, all the decorative accessories I’ve lovingly hand picked, all the electronics like TV’s, kettles, lamps and the like. It goes on and on and on…

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