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Taken Away

Her kids got taken off her today by the social Services. Not a single one of her family members or friends stepped up to the plate to offer to take those children. I did.

I wrote a letter to the judge begging him not to believe the social worker. I didn’t have some weird fixation with children, I was not still being trapped by a gang of drug dealers. And none of that mattered anyway because I knew I could put smiles on those children’s faces.

Instead they got put into foster care.

And while I begged the judge and talked to her solicitor and texted her social worker and cried and emailed the court and wrote the letter; she sat in the corner smoking crack.

When we got the time for the court hearing I immediately went to book train tickets.

She refused to go.

I feel fucking sick I hate her I cannot bare to look at her. if I was ready to rush to a different city in any way I could to get to that court hearing for her children, why in fucks name wasn’t she?

She is sick.

And then when she got the news her kids had been taken guess who she went for?

Me. She tried kicking my door down. Accused me of all sorts.

I have run away to a hotel because I cannot stop crying and I cannot get away from her. I even applied for my own DBS check this morning for god’s sake. And I look at those kids as nothing more than my best friend’s children. To me they’re not my family, they are my friends children that were suffering.

But to turn on me again? For the social worker and the judge to turn on me too?

Her son just said this to me as I topped up his phone credit. With my money…

That’s all I did. Nothing more than trying to stop 2 children suffering.

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