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Suspended Animation

I feel like I’m in suspended animation. I’m going forwards, not going backwards- time has stopped and I’ve stopped with it.

My crazy, erratic emotions which were swinging from manic hysteria to suicidal despair and everything in-between are beginning to subside. I’m still swinging from one to the other; but not as intensely.

It seems turning into a crazed, knife wielding psycho is the answer to successfully removing a gang of drug dealers from your home. So the relentless fight with myself to stop the urge from doing just that for all those months was a right waste of time.

I mean fuck, I’ve not heard one peep! 7 long, hellish months and the answer was what I spent every hour of everyday wishing I had the balls to do- go psycho knife crazy on the tossers. I’m kicking myself!!

I also have no Christmas tree. I’m still stuck with the dilemma of whether to get a 7ft or a 7cm. If I’m going to prison obviously the only size Christmas tree I could take with me is a 7cm one stashed in the pocket of my Adidas tracksuit.

That reminds me, I must purchase an Adidas tracksuit and Nike trainers.

God I hate being a criminal. Nylon. Urgh.

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