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After thirteen attempts at reaching help from the police went unnoticed, and I was arrested for the ninth subsequent time in less than a year- as a result of the police’s fury and resentment towards me for refusing to snitch on the gang- I decided to make a complaint to Professional Standards.

By this point it was glaringly obvious that the police had ignored my pleas for help to use me as bait. I had unwittingly become their informer, but not known that at the time. As I’ve stated before- the thirteen cries for help via different means never gave the identities away of the gang members and I never snitched. As much as I wanted to for what they had made me suffer for seven long months- it was principle.

I had two reasons for complaining;

1. I wanted acknowledgement from the police that they had received my thirteen attempts to get their help, In the hope they would intervene and remove the game numbers from my home.

2. Just as importantly, was making sure these avenues that offered by charities for people to reach out for help, were working!

I never got my answer. The police swore blind they have never received any communication from me. Which was fine, but that meant the systems that are put in place to keep people safe were not working and needed to be fixed.

The outcome of the report to Professional Standards stated that the police had not been neglectful or failed in their duty towards me. However, the picture attached below this post shows one page of the report, which was mostly blacked out. Some days ago, I managed to reveal the writing underneath. I finally got my answer…

The police had received my thirteen attempts at asking for their help.

A word of advice to the police- make sure any informers snitches and grasses that you approach to do your dirty work- are actually going to inform snitch and grass.

In fact how about doing your job yourselves?

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