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I managed to persuade the kid to go home last night. He got back and she wasn’t even there. She didn’t get in till after midnight. All the while I’m recieving texts at the hotel from her stating that she’s “so desperately worried about him, she’s called the police to report him missing”.

Neither the kid or I let her know he was sat at home for hours while she was texting me this. If she had been at home- which is where I’d be glued to if I had a kid go missing; ears pricked for the sound of the front door opening, waiting in desperate hope for him to walk through it- she would have saved herself hours of “worry”.

Let’s face it, she wasn’t remotely worried. When he used to run away for days at a time, I was the one that had to call the police 3 days later when she hadn’t done so. I reported him missing online so I have logs of chat sessions to prove that. With questions from the operator within those chats asking “why isn’t his mum reporting him missing?”.

She was having a tantrum because I refused to let her stay at mine for the night, so she had no access to money to buy drugs. Or free food and free hot water to take luxurious baths. No access to the possibility of stealing more of my toiletries, clothes, make up or jewellery. So she did her usual and demanded her kid come home. If she couldn’t stay there, neither was he. What kind of mother tries to get revenge on a friend, and have one of the consequences be her kid walking the streets all night in a suicidal mind frame? As soon as I left for the hotel her kid somehow managed to get back into mine informing me he’d “walked through the wall” when I queried how.

I spent 2 hours of my Christmas Day with him sobbing down the phone pleading with me to find a way for him not to have to go back, telling me he was going to call the social services and put himself into care. His mother sending me nasty text after nasty text calling me all manner of names, emotionally blackmailing me and threatening me with the police. Me desperately trying to calm him down and persuade him to go home so he was safe and the police weren’t called resulting in my front door being battered down again from her pointing finger at me, making up wild accusations to save herself knowing the trouble she would get into if the social services found out she had allowed her child to stay somewhere he was explicitly forbidden to go, with somebody he was firmly told not to have contact with.

One of her fears is her family and social services finding out that his change in attitude, good behaviour, excellent school attendance and good grades is down to me, not her. she cannot bear the thought of not getting the credit for that.

But this morning I arrived home from the hotel to find her kid sat in my living room. My home was spotless, he was beaming from ear to ear, asking if “NOW he could stay?!”. My heart broke. The answer was simple but one I couldn’t give a 15 year old;

“Yes you can stay providing I jump when your mum tells me to jump and am happy to take the risk of getting into HUGE trouble if I don’t do that. Or the authorities find out you’re here by themselves”.

No. It’s gone on long enough. If he stays it has to be legitimately. The social services have to give him permission to stay and his mum has to agree. No more being backed into a corner.

But today the situation is even more complicated because my best friend is now my ex best friend. I don’t want a friend like that in my life. And her kid is becoming increasingly panicked as the day goes by about the thought of having to go home again. He demanded I “sort it out”. HOW? It’s Boxing Day, I’ve begged and pleaded with the social services to allow me to see her kids; having to do so myself because she won’t. I have repeatedly given them permission to do every kind of background check available to prove I’m not a danger. Nothing has been done, I’ve not even received replies to any of my attempts at contact.

The last time I asked the police and social services for help; I got arrested, was labelled as a child groomer and forbidden to see the 2 kids I asked the social services to HELP.

I am utterly utterly stuck.

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