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The authorities, social services, teachers, parents and charities which have involvement with County Lines for some reason or another; whether that be enforcing the law, spreading awareness, educating minors, or concerns for family members, all have such stereotypical views about County Lines - and I believe this is part of the problem...

To the Authorities;

Not every single individual you arrest for associating or being part of a County Line, are a criminal, have a criminal record, are working for a criminal organisation, or voluntarily committing crime.

These individuals are often victims, have no way out, and have a damn good reason for working as a drug dealer. The difference between these individuals working for a County Line vs not working for a County Line; can sometimes be the difference between a family member living or dying.

To the Social Services;

Not every child on your register are skiving off school, poor, and from a broken family.

Some children have enough money to pay for the boxing lessons you provide, don't need the grants you promise, and aren't interested in meeting at McDonald's each week because they only eat organic food.

To the Teachers;

It's 2022. Your pupils clocked on two years ago that university degrees are as useless as their stack of GCSE's and A-Level's.

Placing so much importance on the benefit of education rarely works as a motivator. In actual fact; your obsession with the importance of education is laughable and downright scary. Change tactic.

To the Charities;

Thank you for devoting so much of your time and effort being proactive in your goals to prevent anymore children being preyed on by County Lines gangs. But...

Not all minors are enslaved or exploited. Speaking to gang members and victims will give you far more insight into the problem than anyone else. Open your eyes and realise that some charities are unknowingly glamourising County Lines and minors are taking full advantage.

Thank you for letting me get that off my shoulders.

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