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Nothing has happened…NOTHING.

A new shotter was bought into my home about 2 weeks ago. He seemed different from the others. Said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Asked instead of just doing, and seemed to be uneasy with the fact that I was being trapped.

But the mask soon slipped. He’s just gone out for a couple of hours. I realised he’d left his bag so phoned and told him to come back as he’d forgot it. His response was “that was the point, I’m not walking around with £1,700 in cash, the line phone and a £900 pack filled with heroin and crack.

I was stood on the phone to him holding this bag when to my absolute HORROR, the dawning realisation occurred that not only did he purposefully leave all the above in MY home without notifying me. But my fingerprints were now on the bag!

I’m currently sat here a sweaty, sobbing, shaking wreck. But I’m BOILING with rage too.

This guy was arrested last weekend because undercover police surveyed him dealing drugs in the park- a two minute walk from mine. For drug dealing. He’s already on license for just coming out of prison AND has a court case coming up over a stabbing while he was IN prison. Yet 9 hours later after being arrested; he’s back at mine serving up. After convincing myself that the police were indeed watching these cunts trapping me, I was fully expecting the police to crash through my door at any moment.

Two of the shotters that trapped me in the beginning are in prison; you’ve guessed it; for possession with intent to supply. This matey had just been arrested on the same charge. I’d had 2 CID officers walk into my flat and see a black drug dealer sat there while I trembled with terror as they were questioning me about why another known drug dealer of the same gang had stolen my car. Then they questioned me as to why a 3rd known dealer of *surprise surprise* the same gang was driving my car without insurance the week before. This was recently and they asked me if I wanted it to stop and I pleaded with them to make that happen.

A day later I got an email from the local victim hub support team of which I replied but got no response.

My home got taken over on the 26th of February. It is now the 7th of July.

Bear in mind all this time they have been running an operation which revolves around cuckooing. Yet I am still trapped. And a new shotter has started now. It won’t be long before it goes back to 6 lads destroying my life my soul and my home.

I have been suicidal for a long time now. But 122 codeine tablets didn’t do the job, neither did 4 bottles of methadone, nor did getting this shotter to go to the pharmacy for me and get me a hit kit work. I couldn’t find a fucking vein.

I have started publishing these blogs publicly because I know nobody will read them. Nobody has noticed I have been AWOL for 5 months. And the police don’t appear to think I’m worth enough to waste their resources on.

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