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Sods Law

I mean I thought I was the only person on the planet who could end up with two electricity suppliers simultaneously. Which is technically impossible.

But no, I’m also the only person on the planet who is not only being perceived as some dangerous, child grooming Drug Boss- but actually being charged for it!

Why am I surprised. Why am I fucking surprised? Of COURSE its me who’d be the victim of a gang of knife wielding drug dealers, yet end up being the only one PROSECUTED FOR BEING A DRUG DEALER.

Of COURSE its me who’d be a soft enough idiot to take in one of the gangs 14 year old drug runners and her best friends 15 year old son, because both kids are on the streets- THEN BE LABELLED A FUCKING CHILD GROOMER.

My dad used to say to me; “you’re walking sods law!”


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