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So Close!


But only by making them believe I am leaving too and moving elsewhere…

They’ve just walked out the door and now I’ve realised what a stupid idea this was because I have nowhere to go and certainly can’t MOVE. Mr Boss Man is sat down the street asking when my taxi is going to arrive…


I don’t know how I had the energy to do that. It’s taken me WEEKS to work up the courage knowing what the consequences are going to be. DAYS to psych myself up enough to say it and HOURS to get them out the front door.

I didn’t plan on doing it like this. In my head I was just going to tell them to leave END OF. But that wasn’t working and neither was the threat of the police. So in the moment I declared that I was “locking my place down” and when they stated they’d just use the keys they copied themselves to get back in while I was gone… I just sort of blurted out “well, I’m moving out of this place for good so there IS NO FLAT”.

Then I realised what a fuck up I’d made and now I’m stuck.

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