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So, the whole stolen car thing went down, and to my astonishment; two CID officers show up that afternoon. They took one look at me, one look at the black guy sat in my living room, clocked some cash and a crack pipe and said “erm…shall we have a chat somewhere else…”.

They asked me if my car had been stolen why the driver had a pair of keys. They wanted to know why, when the car had been siezed a week previously- I wasn’t the driver. Why none of my neighbours had the foggiest idea I HAD a car, and why the guy who had gone to prison a week after collecting the car for me, had somehow managed to prevent the seller from sending off the new registered keepers form. They wanted to know why I didn’t know what make or model it was, why I was associating with a huge gang of black drug dealers. By this point, I was trembling with panic, dripping in nervous sweat and had not been able to answer one question correctly. They knew exactly what was going on. It hurt me though when one of the officers gave me such a disgusted look. The conversation wound up with them asking me if I would like them to remove the black guy from my flat. I had 2 options; 1. Say yes and be dead within the hour, or 2. Say no and implicate myself in the situation and be viewed as part of that drug dealing, violent gang. They told me I needed to get rid of them. I was bemused. I am thinking hang on a second you’ve clocked on to the fact I have no choice in this, and who in their right mind would choose it in the first place?! Oh how I wish I had had the balls to blurt everything out and say yes. But grassing is a BIG no-no and I ended up choosing my life thanks very much! But here’s exactly why my life is a big hot sparkly mess… By this time I’d gotten to the point of desperation whereupon I had submitted not 1 but 2 “give Information anonymously” forms through Crimestoppers. I guess I expected the fucking cavalry to arrive within the hour but nothing was said or done. I heard nothing for days. Which is the reason for submitting form 2. Still, nothing…and a month on there is still radio silence. So after the police visit, I turned to the last resort. I got hold of some information about the local victim support services, and with utmost precision to cover my tracks and not reveal who I was I submitted this blog as now I am beyond desperate for help. I don’t live in a huge city for heaven’s sake, and the blog has details of the car incident. Plus the person’s involved with the car incident are major drug dealers known to known to the police. So I hoped against hope they would put 2 and 2 together and DO something. Nothing..

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