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This is it. This is the moment when people gossip about ‘the day I snapped’ as I’m driven off to the mortuary.


1. I wrote to 2 of the original gang members who trapped me- both are currently in prison.

2. I then wrote to the police officer who arrested ME: not the criminals-expressing my gratitude for raiding my flat 8 months too late, at the ONLY time none of the gang members were in my home, finding a shit ton of drugs that weren’t mine and arresting me for intent to supply even though I was the victim and had spent those 8 months pleading for the police’s help.

I contacted the 3 people who have ruined my life and even THANKED one of those people for ruining my life.

Hence why I am awake at 5.31am smoking crack like there’s no tomorrow.

Because get this, the highest dose of tranquilliser doesn’t work anymore and today I found out I’m tolerant to valium too.

Im currently a pill popping alcoholic junkie crack head.

Which kind of explains why 182 codeine tablets didn’t kill me (last weeks attempt), inhaling heroin via my crack pipe did jack shit (the week before), an entire packet of prescription strength sleeping pills knocked me out for an hour (2 nights ago), overdosing on methadone didn’t work either (this morning).

I guess my only options left are to hang myself or jump in front of a train. I really didn’t want to cause anybody any trauma but to be honest- I’m past caring.

I guess this is my last ever post.

Goodbye world!!!!

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