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Shame on You

I am currently laying in my bed for the first time in 6 months and 4 days.

I watched my TV tonight. For the first time since it broke 4 months ago (someone switched the power button off at the back).

The stand fan I bought so I didn’t have to spend all summer dripping in sweat is blowing a gale. Shame the weather is now doing the same.

And I don’t have to carefully manoeuvre around my home sweeping my hands across the walls to guide me when it gets dark because yes OK, on this one I have no excuse, I couldn’t fit a lightbulb. I now have lightbulbs.

The excuses that included certain tools missing so there was no way to fix the bed, a broken part so the fan couldn’t be assembled, I needed a new TV because the screen had gone and nowhere sold lightbulbs that fit my fixtures were all bollocks as I well knew.

There have certainly been over 10 trappers living here at one time or another over the past 6 months 4 days. All 18 years old upwards bar one. So shame on them for my friends lovely, kind, 14 year old teenage boy doing all the above in one day. Shame on them!

When I asked my friends son if he had any idea how to fix my bed he cheerfully stated ‘easy!’. Later revealing he hadn’t a clue but remembered a phrase his teacher once said to him; “how do you expect to know if you don’t try?”. I asked why he even bothered to try when he knew the situation wasn’t going to improve.

Why don’t more teachers say that?

And why aren’t there more kids like him?

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