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I was arrested on September 6th 2018. Today I was sentenced for a crime I was the victim of. A crime I reported to the police on 13 separate occasions begging for their help. The actual criminals still swanning about selling drugs.

It’s taken 5 court hearings, one pre sentence report by probation, a meeting with the Diversion and Liaison Service, being evicted from my home and a total of 8 months to put an end to being arrested for less than a hundred quids worth of drugs even though I have no previous criminal record and have never been involved in any criminal activity in my life.

I got a 12 month community order, a £185 fine, 10 appointments with the probation service and a referral to the mental health team in my area.

Addiction is a disease. I was shocked when the judge stated that he was not going to think of me as a person of good character; even though I’m degree educated, never relied on the council to provide me with a home, never had involvement with the police, never lied/thieved/robbed/burgled/or committed any kind of crime to fund my drug habit. The judge said “i’d simply just never been caught before”. The prosecutor said I was not vulnerable, just “needy and naive”, she also said in a roundabout way that she didn’t believe I had been cuckooed.

You know what I honestly thought to myself? You bunch of judgemental cunts. You have no right to judge or make decisions on subject matters you have no knowledge of- like drug addiction. All of you tossers; the judges, solicitors, police officers, probation service; you are all in your job because you get off on other people’s misfortune.

To conclude, before this whole experience, I had respect for authority. I had respect for the British Justice System. I didn’t break the law, or break any rules. I was polite and kind towards everyone. I never forgot my manners. Never judged. Had sympathy for others misfortune. Would always help others if I had the means to. You know what I mean?

Now my attitude has totally changed. The police who some refer to as ‘pigs’ ARE pigs. The justice system is a joke. The law is warped. Rules only work if everyone follows them. I have no sympathy for others misfortune and I won’t be going out of my way to help. I simply don’t give a shit. What does it matter if i’m good or bad? You still end up treading in a pile of shit at some point.

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