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Secrets of the Job - what drug dealers do wrong


A burner phone is the most unsecure phone you can have in your possession. An Android phone gives you the opportunity to activate 'developer options'. You can use these options to map fake locations, use a 'cloud number' which the police will never be able to retrieve call or message records from. Install a security app which has 'control zones'- meaning you can set your phone to factory reset if it comes within a certain distance of a police station for example.


Designer clothes like Nike Air Max trainers, Armani man bags, Adidas tracksuits, and Gucci sunglasses, are all items that scream 'DRUG DEALER'. Think about the two words 'gold hoop earrings' and 'chav'...point proven.

So go ahead and make yourself more individual and memorable by adding bright red stripes and neon green ticks, before you ponder the question of why you got arrested or identified.


Judgemental society of today will stereotype a person in the blink of an eye. I hate to break it to you, but fat wedges of cash combined with the younger generation's perception of what rich looks way off.

Changes in pattern is the reason drug dealers get caught. People notice changes in pattern. BMW's for your whip are tacky. Nike treads are not designer, chicken takeaway joints for dinner and pit bull terriers for your dog make you look the opposite of rich. Keep your cash stashed. People don't like money; the ones who aren't full of jealousy and resentment over the fact you have it, will be soon.


If you have a patchy school record, a scarce amount of qualifications, lack a degree, and weren't in education until the age of are obviously a drug dealer.

If you spent some of your childhood in care, was adopted at birth, grew up with a foster family, or had any form of interaction with the social services before you turned 21- you are obviously a drug dealer.

Been in a YOI as a teen for repeated bad behaviour? Charges may include; arson, robbery, shoplifting and assault amongst others. Though you may have no charges for drug dealing, remember- you are obviously a drug dealer.


This is what you call 'rep'. But your customers call 'powder power'. Once you get a G-Pack within arms reach, drug dealers become ignorant, cocky, egotistical, smarmy tossers. Drop the patronising tone of voice, stop referring to yourself as 'man-dem', and wipe that smirk off your face!

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