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When you are sentenced to time in prison in the UK; you only do half of the sentence and spend the remaining time out on license.

When you are on license, there are a number of rules that you must follow; like attending probation on a regular basis. If you breach the terms of your licence; you will be recalled back to prison.

The post above, is written by a lad who was being exploited and made to deal drugs by the boss of a County Lines gang.

Unfortunately, the lad was recently recalled back to prison as a result of not attending probation.

The day he missed his appointment, a warrant was issued by the police for his arrest; subsequently he was recalled for 28 days.

I couldn't understand the reasoning behind his choice for missing the appointment. Nor could I comprehend his thought process...

  1. Attend a 60 minute meeting and go home.

  2. Do not attend a 60 minute meeting and spend 28 days in prison.

The only way I can think of explaining this is utterly bizarre.

Apparently, giving birth is the worst pain a human being can tolerate. So logic dictates, any thought of enduring that pain more than once, would be ruled out. Right?

The reason this is not the case, is due to the way our brains work. The human mind is exceptionally clever. So much so, that our brains will never give us thoughts and feelings it knows we would not be able to cope with.

So after a traumatic event; whether it be associated with pain, memories or emotions. We will only be able to remember what our mind deems we can deal with. A woman never remembers 100% of the pain of childbirth. She only remembers 60%. Which is why she will do it again.

So this lad has been out of prison for near on a year. He's established a positive relationship with his probation officer. He can't remember the full extent of how shit being in prison was. Furthermore, the good rapport with his probation officer lulls him into a false sense of security- making him believe his probation officer wouldn't have him recalled- because that isn't a very nice thing to do.


The lad is recalled for 28 days. Reality set in the minute the cell door closed behind him. My next blog post will be written by him detailing his experience.

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