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Raging Angry

I’m SO bloody ANGRY.

Mr Boss Man and his group of nasty, knife wielding drug dealers have put me through 7 months of absolute TORTURE. Physically and mentally. They have broken me, destroyed my home, rinsed me dry, incriminated me, stripped me of my dignity and quite literally ruined my life.

Yet earlier this afternoon, the word goes round that they are back. Not only are they back; Mr Boss Man has new runners working for him. Worse of all, the runners are young teenage kids.

I have been shaking with uncontrolled fury ever since.

But one thing I can’t get out of my mind, is the answer I was given by Mr Boss Man when questioning him on the topic of using kids as drug runners. I wanted to know where these kids came from, because I couldn’t think of any logical explanation as to how a kid gets taken from their family and dumped into the drug world so seamlessly.

“We just hang around children’s homes and wait for the next runaway” was his response.

I’m coming to terms with the understanding that the police obviously don’t believe anything I’ve said. I can just about cope with the knowledge that they’ve done absolutely jack shit. But I cannot comprehend how this gang are still getting away with dealing drugs and using kids to do so.

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