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I am appalled.

There has been no word off the police, no support whatsoever forthcoming, not even a basic gracious reply off the victim and witness support service or local drug services after I wrote to them begging for their help.

I literally resorted to finding apps on the Google Play store to see if I could get some kind of counselling online. Yet the cheapest was £122 for the month, and I have no money left because the Gang took it all.

Talking of which, they have employed more children to work for them and none have been arrested.

So I have decided to go public with my story. I have contacted the local newspaper and they have agreed to do an article about the fact that a cuckooing victim is being prosecuted as a drug dealer. I am also releasing this blog publicly. I am going to move heaven and earth to make sure that;

  1. Awareness is spread about this problem.

  2. No other vulnerable adults fall prey to these gangs.

  3. To thoroughly humiliate the local police force dealing with the case and their so called “victim and witness support services”. Who have not been forthcoming with support in any way shape or form.

I am going to ruin the gang who made me endure 9 months of torture.

I am going to make damn sure there are no children drug dealing in the town that I live in.

I am going to make sure that any other victims of cuckooing are able to access help.

And I’m going to make sure that the public see this laughable situation that is a victim of a gang of knife-wielding drug dealers is the only one being prosecuted for drug dealing…while the gang carry on openly drug dealing on the streets every single day.

No I will not sit back and be targeted again. Especially not by the police. It is a good job that every single tip-off I made to crime stoppers throughout those months of hell pleading and begging for help from the police- I had enough common sense to keep a record of each desperate attempt.

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