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Prison Tomorrow

I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I’m going to end up in prison for charges I’ve been falsely accused of.

By the time I’ve been allocated a cell I’ll be an Adidas tracksuit wearing lesbian swapping my £11 Amazon necklace for a toothbrush.

Last week when I was due at court I tried to kill myself and obviously didn’t make it.

But it got adjourned until tomorrow when I’m supposed to be answering bail for intent to supply, concern in the supply, conspiracy to supply, money laundering and the possession and handling of stolen goods.

Even though I was a victim. Held captive in my own home for 7 months by a gang of armed drug dealers. 13 attempts to reach out for police help overlooked. Never involved in the gangs criminal activity. I didn’t see where they stashed the drugs, didn’t know their real names, never saw them serve customers, or weigh drugs up in my home. They were very sly thinking back. I got told nothing, I saw nothing, I heard minimal snippets of gangsta slang I didn’t understand. They took control of my money, used my phone, logged onto my WiFi. I saw nothing but they saw every movement I made. Heard every word I spoke. Trapped me and made damn sure they sucked me in to look complicit so they had a fall back.

Which they succeeded in perfectly. I’m being charged not only for their crimes, but still traumatised from the abuse I suffered as a victim; abuse the police haven’t even enquired about.

So tomorrow I attend court to be prosecuted for “possession of a quantity of diamorphine” (still have no idea of the quantity, where it was found, what evidence the police have for them to prove it was me who possessed it). For all I know I could be walking in to a charge of possession of a cargo ship filled with 3 tonnes of diamorphine just because the cargo ship had a parcel on it containing a £1 USB cable I bought off eBay heading to my address from China.

Well fuck me sideways…I just opened the post to find my bail has been extended until December because the case has been converted to “released under investigation and safeguarding” SHIT ME SHERLOCK YOU DON’T SAY?!


God I’m bloody raging with the police.

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