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Phone Call

So I receive a phone call from the Boss of the runner I’d met yesterday;

Listen up ennit, I don’t want you associating with my people a’ight?

My response, as I simmered with rage was;

I guess that means you don’t want to associate with my money either?

15 missed phone calls later he’s HOPPING MAD. When I finally picked up he screams;


I thought I’d wind him up a little bit;

Sorry darling I don’t associate myself with phone calls, only text messages.

In the end I sent the woman a message personally. A text I would have sacrificed a limb for in the months I had a gang of drug dealers take over my home. This was the message;

Nobody should be telling you what to do. Please if anything happens, if you need me, if you need a taxi last minute, if you need to get out of there quick, or if you need an army of cunts to fuck them up then you get in touch with me straight away do you understand. If you can’t call the police, call me.

I’m not exactly sure what the fuck I could do! But my intention is more to make her aware someone has her back, someone is watching, someone will catch her if she falls, and that someone won’t involve the police.

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