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On the run…

So my trial set for the beginning of October regarding possession of 3 bags of heroin was dropped.

However, a teeny weeny obstacle has popped up in the fact that there’s a warrant out for my arrest…

Because I’m a class-A, naive, gullible twat; I ran away to a strange city, with a guy who was running from the people who had stabbed him. Then after weeks of me financially supporting him, sacrificing my own needs for him, and thinking only of his needs…a £4,000 sum of backdated benefits gets dumped in his bank account, and he’s off into the sunset.

Meanwhile I’m left in a strange city, with 4 missed probation appointments; hence the warrant for my arrest, homeless, half deranged from not taking my meds, sick to the pit of my stomach that a human being, a person, could be that cruel. After everything the other person has done for them; they can turn around with a smirk, shrug it off and openly admit they were using you. That’s a sociopath: deprived of a conscience.

When you bare in mind I lived in an area of a city which people referred to as ‘Beiruit’; you begin to understand how I have only met drug dealers and sociopaths.

Anyway, back to the slightly problematic issue of the arrest warrant. Technically speaking I presume I’m classed as “on the run” until I accidentally get arrested or hand myself in.

I’ve decided to hand myself in. I can’t believe the realisation has only just dawned that I’m in trouble.

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