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No Choice

I am psychic. Everything I predicted was spot on.

The vicious 17 year old is drug dealing from my home while the kid sleeps ready to do the night shift. The knives, cash and drugs are all present and correct. Stashed under my sofa/behind my toilet/inside the runner’s man bag which is laying on my living room floor. And I am slowly losing the will to live as with every minute that goes by, I can feel my energy draining, my spirit breaking and my determination waning.

I keep checking the local news online to see if there have been any drug raids. I was overjoyed to read one article stating that the police are always in the shadows in an effort to bring down every single one of these scumbag drug dealers. I was positively JUMPING with joy when I read the current Crimestoppers campaign targeting drug dealers cuckooing vulnerable people.

So I’m slightly baffled by the total silence. Where’s the police? I’m in a precarious position right now because should the gang find out about my attempts to reach out for help; I’m SCREWED. So I’ve had to be extremely careful, which is why I’ve not contacted the police directly but submitted 5 ‘give information’ forms to Crimestoppers, emailed the local Victim and Witness Support Hub anonymously and written this blog anonymously just providing a link to my posts with a password.

But I feel like I’m jumping up and down pointing to a flashing neon sign on my head stating “HELP! A GANG OF VIOLENT DRUG DEALERS HAVE TAKEN OVER MY HOME. I BEG YOU TO RAID ME! YOU WILL FIND PLENTY OF WEAPONS, DRUGS AND CASH. PLEASE GET THEM OUT OF MY FLAT!”. Obviously I’m being overly cautious…

These are the messages I have sent to Mr Boss Man, the sidekick, and the runners JUST over the course of today;

“Hows about u get ur damn dealers out of my flat so i dont have to resort to threatening to call the police? You’ve put me through SIX MONTHS of this shit. Give me my home and my life back”.

“I’m begging you. Get your drug dealers out of my flat. I don’t know how else I can make myself heard anymore without calling the police to get u out. You took over my home months ago and I’ve never been voluntary in any of this. You’ve given me no choice. So I’m begging you. Please leave me be.”

“Your runners are now here against my will. I do not want them in my home. I have asked them to leave numerous times. I do not give them permission to be in my yard. If they do not leave i will have them removed understand?”

“I cannot make myself any clearer than that.”

“If you come to my flat again unannounced. Stash knives under the sofa and other stuff in my bathroom without my knowledge after the state u saw me in this morning and knowing what i text you a few hours ago, you wont be met at the door by me ok?”

“Get your runner out my flat ASAP”

I have also asked, demanded, begged, pleaded, threatened and just now, was reduced to tears. They still wont go.

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