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Never Ending

I wrote about the police raid in February. Where I was released from police custody on medical grounds after being rushed to hospital twice due to collapsing both times the custody sergeant was booking me in. I explained how I wasn’t interviewed, and how my suggestion of doing a voluntary interview was casually waved away. After which I was dropped home with no information about whether I was under investigation, on bail, or no further action was being taken.

Well, five months on, I have finally received an update to the status of my arrest via letter which I got through the post this morning.

I’m being prosecuted for “possession of a quantity of diamorphine (heroin)” and have to attend court on the 8th of August…7 days before I am supposed to answer police bail for charges of conspiracy in the supply of class-A drugs, money laundering and the handling and possession of stolen goods.

The judge who sentenced me for the last possession charge stated- and I quote- “if I see you here again you WILL be going to prison”.

I’m going to prison.

Admittedly I was guilty for the first charge of possession. I immediately handed the police the quantity of drugs I had on me when they asked and informed them that they were mine.

But that’s the only crime I’m guilty of. I can categorically state that this “quantity of diamorphine” found unbeknown to me until now, was NOT mine. I presume it was found in my flat, and I’m a little confused that the exact ‘quantity’ has not been given. This scares me somewhat because I have no idea of the amount I’m being prosecuted for. A ‘quantity’ could be anything! Micrograms to tonnes! And I have no information to where it was found and how I can be charged for this when I have not been interviewed. Surely it could belong to anyone! Whether that was the individual living with me in the flat at the time, or any of the individuals who visited. It could potentially belong to the gang of drug dealers who took over my home for those 7 months. Christ how can the previous tenant be ruled out?! Maybe it belonged to him/her!

I would like to know 1. The precise quantity 2. The location of where it was found and 3. The police’s evidence which proves it belonged to me. Logically, the only evidence to prove it was mine would be my DNA or fingerprints on the drug itself. And I know for certainty that will not be the case because I didn’t have this “quantity of diamorphine” in my possession.

It never ends

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