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I am married to a man who shows all the traits of being a narcissist.

Who lies incessantly; believing that I fall for his lies, not realising that I see straight through them. I am married to a man who hasn't got the balls to put his hands in the air, admit that he doesn't love me; but is actually codependent and totally reliant on me. I am married to a man who actually wants his baby mum rather than me. Who finds his baby mum more attractive, wishes it was his baby mum he was shagging, and resents marrying me rather than his baby mum.

The phrase "actions speak louder than words" is oh so true.

When your husband insists he finds you attractive, yet goes out of his way to avoid physical intimacy - would you believe your husband really does find you attractive?

When your husband is declaring how worried he is about the autoimmune disease eating away at you- but avoids maintaining a clean home so it resembles a environmental health hazard- would you believe your husband really does care about your health?

When your husband states that he has your back, and would protect you from harm, then allows multiple individuals to take advantage of you- would you believe that your husband can protect you?

When your husband repeatedly assures you that he would never hurt you, but knows his actions cause you hurt every single day- would you believe that your husband wouldn't hurt you?

The answer is no. Nobody would believe those words versus those actions.

These are the traits of a narcissistic spouse;

  • lack of empathy

  • sense of entitlement

  • the belief they’re special and unique

  • they are often unable to recognize the opinions and needs of others and are dismissive of others’ problems

  • tendency is to turn the blame on to others

  • view the people in their lives as objects—there to serve their needs. As a consequence, they don’t think twice about taking advantage of others to achieve their own ends

  • notorious for making promises and then breaking them when it's convenient. You don't feel as though you have a partner you can rely on, and you find yourself having to do everything yourself

  • take advantage of their spouses financially. You might be paying for everything while your partner can't hold down a job

So now what?

Continue being taken for a mug I suppose

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