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My Theory

So this is my theory, and this is what I predict will happen.

I don’t think that any of my desperate pleas for help via Crimestoppers were accidentally missed, or overlooked. I think the reason I was imprisoned in my home for 7 hellish months by a gang of drug dealers was intentional. I think the police were fully aware of my situation, but used me as ‘bait’; a person on the inside. I reckon they’ve failed miserably. Well that’s obvious! The gang are still drug dealing bar two. No, I think I failed them. I think they expected more and I couldn’t give it to them. They presumed after 7 long months, I’d be able to hand the gang over to them on a plate. Which isn’t the case. I think the worst mistake I ever made was complaining to the IOPC. I’m certain that got their backs up and pissed them off big time. That combined with the unsucessful outcome has resulted in the police holding a vendetta against me. I thought their treatment of me from the start was appalling. I have been nothing but open, honest, polite and respectful towards all of them from day one. I truly believed that once I explained the situation, and showed them this blog, some of the pictures, videos and text messages I kept which all backed up what I was saying- I had been cuckooed. I would stop being treated like a criminal. Instead, it’s got worse.

I have been charged for possession of class-A drugs, intent to supply class-A drugs, concern in the supply of class-A drugs and now conspiracy to supply class-A drugs. I’ve been charged with the possession and handling of stolen goods- goods that were in my flat when I first moved in. I’ve been charged with money laundering! I’ve been labelled every name under the sun, i’ve been charged with every offense that’s connected with drugs. Yet I have done…nothing.

I never allowed the gang in my home voluntarily. I was never paid, nor would I have accepted payment if I had been offered. I had no involvement in their criminal activity. I had no knowledge WHERE they were stashing drugs in my home. As soon as I became aware I was being cuckooed I did everything in my power to report it and stop it without getting myself killed, and took steps to be of help to the police in any way I could.

So my prediction is this-

I think i’m the weak link and I think im going to get hammered by the police. I think that if they have nothing they can legitimately charge me with, i’ll continue to be harassed relentlessly by them. I’ll continue to be raided and arrested. I’ll continue to have allegations flung at me. I think if they can charge me with something that requires no proof; because I’ve not done anything! Or they are able to sucessfully twist fact into fiction. I.e Being the victim of cuckooing into conspiracy to supply drugs. I will end up being prosecuted for a crime I have not committed.

I think the gang will walk free and I will end up in jail. I think that whatever happens, the police need a result and I will probably end up being their result. Even though it’s a wrong result.

I have an ominous, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have no way to prove what I’m saying is true. I was told by the IOPC that my blog is not proof. The police still hold my phone with the texts on to the gang members begging them to leave day after day. They have paid no attention to a video I have of them forcing entry with me screaming down my intercom “i’m calling the police, go away go away!”. They won’t listen to the people who knew I was cuckooed, who witnessed the situation first hand. Not that I’m trying to use this as an excuse, but they don’t seem to give any thought to the fact that I am (a) extremely vulnerable and (b) severely mentally ill. And there’s been quite a few offhand comments by police officers that seem to imply I voluntarily allowed them to stay/or was recieving payment in some form in exchange for the use of my home- which is categorically NOT true.

I’m very very worried. Very upset and have no idea what to do.

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