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My New Theory

So here’s my new theory…

The police are going to set me up.

I’m not going to be suspected, accused, or charged for something I’ve not done. No. I’ll be charged for something I HAVE done, because the police are going to actively set me up so that a crime has been comitted which I’ll be charged for. Entrapment is the word. I’ll accidentally fall into a trap. Some stranger in the street will drop something and ask me to pick it up for him, and the stranger will turn out to be a copper, and the thing i’ll pick up will be drugs. And BAM! Done for posession.

Or a huge stash of drugs will be planted in my flat. And the second I walk through the door, I’ll be raided, and the police will find the huge stash of drugs that THEY planted themselves. And BAM! I’m done for intent to supply.

Or the neighbour will tell me Royal Mail left a parcel for me with the people living in the house opposite. And I go to fetch it and they say they are in the middle of eating dinner, once they’ve finished they’ll send their 10 year old kid to drop it off. And the 10 year old kid will drop off the parcel and it’ll be my prescription which gets delivered by the pharmacy and BAM! Done for grooming children to sell drugs.

You get where I’m coming from?

I’m sure I sound absolutely, completely nuts. I sound like a lunatic. Like i’ve lost the bloody plot. I’m fully aware of that. But today I came back to my flat for the first time in 3 weeks. It was boarded up. The neighbours had reported the door swinging open with me not present, so the landlord boarded the front door up. Yet the very SECOND I sent a mate to remove the board- the police showed up. As in, they were so quick, the only logical conclusion is that they were surveying my flat and saw my mate enter.

Additionally, the police just extended my bail for the maximum amount of time- 3 months. Has the realisation dawned that i’ve done BUGGER ALL WRONG and I’M BLOODY INNOCENT?! Or do they need more time to plot and plan a set up?

I had to go back to the flat the other day to remove more of my posessions. I walked in to find the door boarded up. I went through the faff of contacting my ex landlord to let me in and the flat had been TRASHED. Everything I had gone to pick up and put in storage was strewn everywhere. My beautiful £400 pink Dawes bike was gone, the whole flat was carnage. And my heart sank because I knew i’d now have to clean the whole place up all over again.

I sat and pondered for a while who the culprit could have been. It was obviously a personal thing. And I have virtually no friends. So I thought like the culprit, and figured if it was personal, that person would want to hurt me and hurt me as much as possible. Now, as vain as this is, I have build up the most beautiful nail varnish collection. So that’s where I started. Because stealing my nail varnishes would hurt. Low and behold they were the only posessions missing. Along with the bike. Which made me laugh out loud. Because my so called ex best mate who sold me out for a stone to a gang of drug dealers, who’s children I ended up taking in and caring for when she was too focused on her crack pipe, was always after my bike. And would have known to take my nail varnishes. And currently despises me because we aren’t allowed to communicate due to our bail conditions, and rather than thinking ‘this girl has been such a good friend to me- she’s spent the past year paying my bills and caring for my children- there’s every possibility she’s innocent’. She has jumped to conclusions and through the grapevine I’ve heard exactly what she thinks. So I knew it was her automatically.

Anyway back on to the police setting me up. Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past them. A year ago I had respect for our emergency services. I had respect for the police. Now I think they are pitiful. Juvenile. Pathetic. And boy, aint the myth that they are BENT AS FUCK true! They’ve played some dirty moves. Like smirking in my face while they called my landlord without my permission and executed a warrant to search the flat for drugs. They advised him to evict me immediately.

The second time they raided my flat and arrested me, and I got locked in a police cell for 22 hours. They casually waved me away for being medically unfit without providing me any rhyme or reason as to what the status of the investigation was until I was raided for the third time at the end of may and arrested for conspiracy to supply class-A drugs and money laundering!

Anyway, now I’ve first handedly witnessed their petty, juvenille behaviour; i’ve realised no matter what I do won’t make a difference. They are set on revenge and they will get their revenge. So I sent an email to the local police comissioner and complained. And I plan to appeal the IOPC’s decision and just I’ve made the decision to go public with my story.

I am a VICTIM. I am not a CRIMINAL.

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