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My Home…

This is currently my home. 26th February to the 26th July and I still have a gang of violent criminals drug dealing from MY home WITHOUT my consent and there’s STILL no help forthcoming to get them the hell out.

I took this photo from a uncomfortable and broken armchair after being awake all night as a result of having nowhere to sleep. The sofa is brand new, the duvets and pillows are my only ones, and the air purifier they demanded I buy is sucking up my electric at an alarming rate.

The boy in the middle is 14 damnit. The one to the left sleeps with a horrifying looking flick knife. The one on the sofa who has just been given a 18 month suspended sentence for his FOURTH knife crime has a machete under the sofa cushion.

I was silently sobbing as I took this photo. I was on the crimestoppers website filling in my 4th anonymous give information form with names and dates and addresses and locations in another desperate plea for help in the only way I can.

As Mr Boss man cleared out my bank account yet again this morning, and the guys took turns sending text messages to themselves from my phone making me look complicit; great chunks of my hair fell out as I brushed it, the skin peeled off my hands, my back burned and my stomach hurt from being so hungry. I cried and I cried, I screamed silently in my head and I cried some more.

What have I done to deserve this? No matter what bullshit I spout in an effort to make them paranoid, no matter what threats I make, how much I beg and plead with them- THEY WON’T LEAVE.

Now I have just lost my prescription too. The array of medication I take to keep my head above the water mentally. The antidepressants, mood stabilisers, anti anxiety meds, antipsychotics and sleeping tablets I take daily for managing my emotionally unstable personality disorder and major depressive disorder. Im a vulnerable, naive, too trusting, soft fuck up and to think I didn’t realise what was going on under my own roof for 2 weeks makes me feel sick. And even if I had I would not have been able to stop it. The minute they walked through my door I was fucked wasn’t I?

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