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So over the past year, I’ve ended up doing all my ‘friends’ paperwork for her which has somehow subsequently resulted in me paying all her bills too.

I switched her over to Universal Credit so her benefits didn’t get stopped. Then her internet got cut off and like I said in my last post- I paid the bill so her kids still had access to YouTube and their computer games and Snapchat. Then her electric got cut off, and she had no hot water or heating and she was bringing her kids over for baths every night and using my oven to make them dinner… which quickly progressed to using MY food to to feed them. My electricity bill more than doubled and I found myself feeding a family of 3 everyday. So I paid her electric bill to stop it. Then she was summoned to court for council tax arrears. Which I categorically REFUSED to pay because it was over £300. But when the council stated she was at risk of losing her home because she was up to her neck in rent arrears too, I paid it. Her kids were already fucking miserable as hell and neglected to boot, so the thought of them moving into a cramped, skanky hostel didn’t bare thinking about.

By this point her electric had been cut off again, she was back in debt with her electric and one of her children was wearing clothes two sizes too small, the other was walking around in shoes that had no soles because they’d fallen apart.

But I was being financially drained by a gang of drug dealers who had taken over my home, and at the stage where I had to stop paying my bills to cover hers so the kids wouldn’t go cold or hungry, and and was now not able to shower because I couldn’t afford toiletries and also going hungry because I couldn’t afford food because her son had moved in full time. Unbelievably happier at mine in the situation I was in than at home. I was absolutely fucked. Skint. Drained dry and up to my eyeballs in debt collectors letters.

I was physically, mentally and financially broken. My desperate pleas to the police, Crimestoppers, and Victim Support were all being ignored. And now my situation was even worse because I had a home full of drug dealers plus my friends kid to protect. I allocated her kid my bedroom, put a lock on his door so he was safe from the gang and began upping the anti with attempts to get the gang OUT.

But I was tired, lethargic, broken and I was up against 6 armed guys who were not going to leave for shit.

By then I had stopped caring about myself and focused solely on keeping her son and the gang separate at all times. I tried to keep him out of my home as much as possible, and if he was here at the same time as the gang- I instructed him to stay in my bedroom with his Xbox, TV and mobile phone with the door firmly locked so nobody could get in the room and I would shut myself and the gang in the living room. It was literally all I could do to minimise the exposure to them and the possible danger he was in. Neither him nor them refusing to leave, all the while STILL being ignored by the police.

The situation and abuse they put me through was that bad I only managed 6 attempts through Crimestoppers, 2 to the local Victim Support group and 1 to the national Victim Support Services. In 8 months I only managed to reach out 8 measly times. The risk of them finding out would have gotten me killed. And the only times I got the chance was if I had enough time on my phone to submit a report, delete my internet history and ask for help in a way that wouldn’t have the police storming through my door 5 minutes later which would have still gotten me killed the second they were released on bail. But 8 fucking months? Yes it had to be done in a subtle manner to prevent them from knowing it was me…but surely it didn’t take an entire city police department 8 months to figure out how the fuck to go about it?

Mind you, 8 months later when they did figure it the fuck out they went and arrested me instead of any of the Gang members who are still dealing drugs so no I’m not really surprised it took them 8 months and they still failed miserably.

This country has got to raise awareness on cuckooing.

Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent.

After a year of paying my friend’s bills, financially supporting her children, being arrested by the police and labelled a child groomer by the social services in the process, and ending up in arrears myself; I made sure when her benefits came through today, direct debits were set up so she was paying her bills HERSELF, out of HER fucking money.

did I get a thank you for all I’ve done over the past year? No. Of course not.

I woke up to a message from her demanding to know where the fuck her benefits had gone, accusing me of stealing her money, and informing me she had no money to do any food shopping.

She had £300 left and she blew the lot on drugs. I have been receiving an onslaught of text messages since. The usual tactics…verbal abuse, emotional blackmail, guilt trips, vicious threatening accusations…

I have a strong feeling of deja vu

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