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Its Today I Can Feel It…

Its just gone midnight and I feel tense. I cant put my finger on it. Then my best mate texts me saying she can sense something isn’t right. My best mate has an awesome sixth sense. She’s spot on every time.

But I confirmed my suspicions when as I’m ringing Mr Boss Man with the police helicopter chop chop chopping away above my flat; he doesn’t vehemently deny it and tell me I’m chatting shit. He reluctantly agrees something bookie is going down.

13 minutes ago, it was the day where the day before this gang took over my flat. The anniversary if you will.

6 months to the day.

I’ve been so disheartened, so disappointed with the police. The witness support hub broke me by never replying. The 2 CID who acknowledged what was happening when they saw it with their own eyes- they hurt me terribly. My loosely termed ‘mates’ have let me down. The 3 anonymous reports I submitted to Crimestoppers- who knows. I’ve reached out in desperate attempts for help over and over again and been flat out ignored.

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