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I have a problem

There’s a nasty guy who lives down my street who’s disliked me from the moment I moved in.

He’s the one who kicked my door in a couple of months back with 2 other lads and held weilded a machete in my face telling me to die. That’s the night I took the huge overdose that almost killed me.

He’s a bully. Everyone fears him. What he says goes. He lives with his mother who has dementia and needs 24 hour care. The other week a bloke started hammering on my front door demanding that I go and sort out the nasty man’s mum. She had pooped in her knickers and needed a bath.

Nasty mans friend grabbed me by the arm and marched me to the house, having no other choice but to bathe her and re-dress her. I was a jumpy, shaking wreck. Nasty man terrifies me. God forbid anyone that disagrees with him or says no to his constant demands.

Anyway, today he turned up on my doorstep and informed me I was to go to his house and calm his mother down. She was utterly hysterical due to nasty man agreeing to let 2 black lads from London use his house to deal drugs from. His mum didn’t want the drug dealers in the house and was becoming more and more distressed as each hour passed.

I reluctantly did as I was told. I wouldn’t dare refuse on any normal day; but today he was proudly showing off a gun tucked in the waistband of his trousers. So the thought of what he would do to me if he saw any hesitation what so ever on my part didn’t bare thinking about.

If the situation wasn’t bad enough already- I had no success calming down nasty man’s mum.

As a result of this, nasty man stated the only solution was to have the 2 black drug dealers vacate his property and use mine instead. The option of saying no against 3 men all armed with guns was impossible. I locked myself in nasty man’s bathroom and sat silently sobbing my heart out.

Then low and behold, what happens!? They are in my home for less than an hour, and the police drug squad who now know me very well turn up to do a welfare check.

Less than 1 hour and I get police assistance; yet in 7 months I got no assistance from the police at all..

I finally managed to get them to leave but they are hovering around outside on my front doorstep. I could not tell the police I did not want them here in front of them or I would have been up shit creek missing a limb or two. I presume they eventually got bored and left.

Then it all kicks off again this morning. There’s a knock on my front door and I’m stood facing 3 different black guys entirely.

They said “Mr Boss man has been sent down, the whole gang have gone down. We were told to find you and use your yard”.

Mr Boss man? That means the gang have been caught FINALLY. I wanted to do a happy dance but faint at the same time. Instead I called Nasty man. Told him Mr Boss man’s guys were stood at my front door. Nasty man shot to mine and dragged them away to ‘talk business’. Next thing I know Nasty man is back and begging for my forgiveness!

“You didn’t have them staying voluntarily did you?”

“No” I responded

“Did they hurt you while they were here?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Did you get paid?” Nasty man asked.

“Never” I said.

Then I told him the whole story. The gang taking over my home. The abuse, the use of my bank accounts, being imprisoned for 7 months, the police harassing me, treating me like a dirty criminal, how vulnerable I am, the amount of times I’ve attempted suicide, the whole story.

Nasty man explained why he held a grudge against me. The rumours he’d believed. We straightened things out. Nasty man left assuring me nobody would be turning up at my home attempting to conduct their criminal activity from there. I told him straight- I’m only here for as long as it takes me to clean the destruction up from being burgled.

I’ve made a decision too. The next time the drug squad show up, I’m going to confide in them that I’m being targeted again like I was for 7 months last year. And I don’t have the means, strength or power to stop armed drug dealers from attempting to cuckoo me again.

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