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I Fucked Up

So I managed to successfully get the gang believing I had locked my place down and buggered off into the sunset. Until I fucked up in style this morning…

The bell to my intercom was going beserk this morning. In my half asleep, confused state I presumed it was the kid and stumbled over to answer it. After unlocking the door, I turn around and start making my way back to bed when mid journey; I find myself stumbling headfirst into… you’ve guessed it…the kid.

I had that brief moment of total confusion, where my brain was trying to work out how the kid could possibly be in front of me if he came in behind me when realisation dawned…I was too late though.

I spun round and came face to face with Mr Boss Man and the nasty 17 year old, great big satisfied smirks plastered to their faces.

“Ooh fancy seeing YOU here” the 17 year old declared. “Did you enjoy your HOLIDAY?” Mr Boss Man asked. “Yeah why didn’t you tell us you were back?!” said the 17 year old.

My stomach dropped and the total dismay I felt must have shown all over my face because they could barely contain themselves. Both looked like they wanted to jump up and down, clapping their hands with glee at how easily they’d caught me out. I was raging inside- furious at myself for fucking up so badly. Furious at how easy I’d made it for them. But mostly, furious at how powerless I felt right there and then.

Then things got worse, and the world seemed to switch from normal speed to slow motion.

Amidst panicked whispers with the kid, I saw his face drop. Seconds later, I heard why. The sound of my front door lock clunking into place. I was rooted to the spot. My limbs froze and I was horrified to acknowledge we’d been locked in. I stared miserably at the front door and mentally berated myself for being so slow.

I’ve always been in awe of my friend for how switched on and quick thinking she is. She’s so streetwise. If a gang of violent drug dealers attempted trapping her; she’d have tied them up in knots. She has a knack for seeing straight through people and predicting their next move. Sometimes before that person knows themselves!

My friend is ballsy, confident and loud. I’m quiet, watchful and assertive. Together, we make a great team. My friend is the one that gets right into the middle of things and uses balls and bravado to prize information from people. I’m the one who sits quietly in the corner processing that information. While my friend comes up with different theories and ideas, I figure out what will or won’t work. What fits and what doesn’t.

I’ve always thought if we teamed up for something more substantial than finding out who’s been bitching about who or who’s telling porky pies about what; we’d be epic.

Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent.

It was about 20 minutes before the nasty 17 year old came back. I KNEW my brand new keys to my brand new lock- fitted less than 48 hours ago- had been copied and I was defeated. I am ashamed to admit that I gave up. I knocked back some stray antipsychotics I’d found lying about and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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