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I don’t know what to do

So, hypothetically speaking…you have been buying off the same dealer for some time. Then suddenly he swaps location, and you’re faced with a new runner.

A tiny, timid woman in her early 30’s. You find out this woman is being cuckooed by a gang of dealers. They’ve moved into her home, they drip feed her the odd shot and make her work serving customers while the gang who are in her home are eating all the food, doubling the cost of gas and electric, and outright refusing to leave even if she begs and pleads with them.

You know this because the third time she comes out, her eyes cast down at the ground, jumpy and nervous; you grab hold of her arm and drag her to a place of moderate safety where you coax the information out of her.

What do you do?

You are witnessing a victim of cuckooing, being forced to sell drugs in exchange for the odd pathetic pipe- but very obviously against her will.

The odds are it will take seven months before the police notice. No matter HOW many times you tell them. But this woman IS involved in the gangs criminal activity. Forcefully or not, I was never involved in any criminal activity and still got charged. So this woman is going to be facing the same charges that were slapped on me, probably worse.

But if you sit and do nothing; you’re the lowest of the low. She’s always covered from head to toe in oversized clothes (borrowed from a friend apparently), but wherever they are from they cover up every inch of her body. So then you have to take into consideration maybe she is being abused and beaten.

Theoretically speaking; if I witnessed a situation such as the above. I’d have to do something. Without relying on or involving the police.

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