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I’d like to thank…

The gang of violent drug dealers who took over my home to use as a base to conduct their criminal activity from. In the process, incriminating me to the point whereby I am now perceived as the female version of Pablo Escobar by the authorities.

The police for ignoring my numerous pleas for help. Especially the officer who asked “if I was safe” after I screamed “THERE ARE A GROUP OF ARMED, DANGEROUS MEN ATTEMPTING TO FORCE ENTRY TO MY FLAT”- and proceeded to tell me I should dial 101.

A special shout out goes out to the officer who arrested the victim; not the criminal on 4 separate occasions, then won ‘Employee of the Month’.

My landlord who evicted me purely on the basis of believing gossip, rumour and conjecture. Rather than evidence, fact and proof. There’s no words to express my gratitude for evicting a traumatised, vulnerable, suicidal tenant who was no more than a victim of circumstance.

The judge, who, for £80 worth of drugs gave a degree educated, vulnerable victim with no prior criminal history 12 months probation, a drugs rehabilitation order and a substantial fine.

Finally, I’d like to thank my neighbours- living on the other side of a wall, the residents of my street and the friends, who all saw, heard and knew what was going on for the seven long months I was tortured. But did absolutely jack shit.

I couldn’t have done any of this without the support of God. Who has now confirmed my suspicions DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST.

Kids. Life is a bitch. It’s cruel, unfair and painful. Use any means necessary to numb yourself from reality.

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