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I Chose Addiction...pt1

Addiction didn't choose me.

Do you know just how significant that statement is?

Most addicts start taking recreational drugs on the odd weekend when they're out with their mates. An ecstasy pill, some MDMA perhaps.

But when you hit 20, and you have a tolerance to uppers, and you're mixing with different social circles; the only way forward is cocaine.

  1. It's quite frankly, a very logical step to take.

  2. You get a better high

  3. You can afford it

  4. It's easier to come by

  5. It's more predictable

But it very quickly escalates. In no time at all, you've gone from sniffing a gram on a night out at the weekend - to sniffing two grams on a daily basis, solely to keep yourself functioning.

But cocaine is extortionately expensive. The buzz doesn't last long, and I can tell you from my own circumstances; it becomes impossible to be constantly high. At some point; EVERYBODY who uses cocaine will find themselves sleep deprived, malnourished, dehydrated and mentally unstable.

Logical conclusion?

A drug that's cheap, gives you the same intensity getting high- just in a different way, doesn't quash your appetite, and keeps your emotional well-being intact (just!)

That drug is HEROIN.

Be honest to yourself; you were FUBAR then and there. But you aimed a little higher than others and went FUBAR FUBAR . Thus the downward spiral begins.

It's only when you're in court pleading for a methadone script after being arrested for shoplifting (to earn money to feed your addiction), you think;

Shit. Maybe I have a drug problem?

That's what I mean when addiction chose YOU. You don't even know it until you're addicted.

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