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"How to get drug dealers out of my home"

Is exactly what I Googled when I first came across the term County Lines, and realised I was being cuckooed.

Which is horribly embarrassing to admit, but it serves a greater purpose... so whatever.

There's certain situations in life when you simply can't dial '999'. Or talk to a parent or teacher. Or seek advice from a doctor. Those awful situations in life when the consequences are too dire; whether 'dire' means dangerous or humiliating or saddening. Those situations where the outcome is worse than the actual situation you're in.

The consequences of involving help from the police or other parties when the gang took over my home, remained the same throughout. I would pay the price with my life. If I dared to seek help from anyone- I would have been killed by the gang.

So I endured seven months of horrific abuse, and spent the subsequent year afterwards, having my life torn apart by the police; who had a huge vendetta against me because I refused to grass on the gang.

I wish I had made the 999 call and risked my life.

Because the seven months of torture by the gang, twelve months of torture by the police, and the trail of destruction both parties left (which I'm still picking up to this day)- has hurt a LOT more.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation, a dangerous situation, an embarrassing situation... please believe me that by the time you get to the point where you're having to debate reaching out for help- means it's only going to get worse.

Please also believe me when I tell you that living can be more painful than dying.

When you have to ask for help, don't leave it. No matter how bad the consequences are. When you have to ask for help, the longer you leave it, the worse it WILL GET.

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