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How to catch a drug dealer

Step 1

Use a confidential informant to gain access to the runners of the line you intend to take down. Finding a CI isn't hard. I spent seven months being held hostage in my own home by a gang of County Line drug dealers, after being sold out for a STONE. (That's £20 worth of crack cocaine for those of you that don't know).

Step 2

Put surveillance on the runners with the aim of finding out where they go to drop off the money and re-load (stock up on more drugs).

Step 3

Once you've found out where these runners go, you've found your middle man. He's the guy who distributes the drugs to the runners and holds the money. This man is going to be a bit trickier because he won't be talking to anyone but the runners. So surveillance on him will be a lot harder. His movements will be difficult to track; because he will only be going to see the boss once or twice a month.

Step 4

Follow the money, NOT the drugs. Find out where the middle man is taking the money. The money will lead to the boss.

Step 5

Start surveillance on the boss. Your goal is to find the gang he is linked with who will be supplying all the drugs. The gang will consist of four to five people.

Step 6

The gang will have two locations. One for the money and one for the drugs. These locations aren't important. What is important, is the movements of the gang and when they come together with the money AND the drugs.

Step 7

The location of their meeting point is the end of the County Line. This is where quantities of drugs will be distributed amongst the County Line bosses, and the money will be handed over to a member of an Organised Crime Gang.

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